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Top Secrets to Score 90/90 in PTE Academic Test.
How to write PTE one sentence summary effectively ? When it comes to analysing students performance in various sections of PTE test, our PTE experts/trainers take a holistic view of their overall performance improvement in the PTE test. Recently our PTE experts carried out various case studies on students in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, New Delhi , Chandigarh, Singapore, Australia and UAE to analyse the poor performance of students in PTE Writing test. Their conclusions led to some practicable solutions in order to improve the exam results of PTE Writing test of students in Hyderabad, Bangalore , Pune, New Delhi , Chandigarh, Singapore, Australia and UAE. Suggestions of our PTE experts proved successful. The same helpful strategies are now made available for all IELTS/PTE aspirants by our IELTS/PTE trainers. PTE Writing lessons PTE One sentence summary : You need to write between 5 to 75 words and time per task is 10 minutes. You will have to write 2 to 3 one sentence PTE writing summaries in PTE Academic test. Try to keep the summary below 60 words. The reason is that the more we write, the more we are prone to grammatical mistakes. Try to use clauses such as although or since. Semi colon can also be used. Study this example of PTE one sentence writing Summary. Passage: PTE Test Preparation It is vital to have proper course material for PTE Academic test preparation. PTE test format involves different question types asked in PTE Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening test and power-packed 79 plus formats for Speaking, Essay Writing, Summarize Spoken text, One sentence summary etc. How to score 79 plus in PTE is a question uppermost in your mind. Our live interactive online and classroom PTE training and packages for PTE training along with 24×7 smart PTE classes equip you with necessary tool kit and skill set to succeed in PTE Academic test. We provide a structured, real exam like PTE course material incorporating latest trends in PTE Academic exam. Our PTE exam material helps you develop proper concepts, learn effective strategies and practice mock tests on a real time basis. This helps you score 79 plus in PTE Academic test. The exam is prepared by experts. Also, another vital aspect is to get real time feedback on your performance. Our trainers raise your level by identifying your problem areas, strengthening your strong areas and give you prompt feedback. Our feedback on assignments is prompt and enlightening. He offers valuable insights on vocabulary and grammar to students as well. He has the capability to turn the strugglers into winners. His methodical approach in simplifying various areas of the test is appreciated by one and all. Suggested answer for PTE one sentence summary by our PTE online trainers Since PTE test involves different question types asked in PTE Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening test, it is vital to have proper course material for PTE Academic test preparation. Our PTE exam material helps you develop proper concepts, learn effective strategies and practice mock tests on a real time basis. Analysis by our PTE online trainers: Our PTE experts have made use of Since and one semicolon. Although words are copied from the text, it won't affect your PTE writing score. In fact, it can give you a higher PTE writing score because if you commit less errors and include the keywords in the passage you would have met the requirement of the task. Final advice by our PTE experts Most crucial thing to do in this section is to maintain enough time for revising what you have written. Unknowingly you may make simple spelling mistakes and punctuation errors. Revise at least 2 times before you submit your answer in the writing section. If you want a free pdf for more practice, please fill in the contact form given below.

PTE Secrets by achievers

Harish Singh
A careful analysis of Pearson test secrets by our PTE experts and PTE secrets revealed by our achievers when combined together provide valuable insights into high scoring PTE test strategies. Pearson test secrets include high scoring question types, PTE secrets formulated by our PTE achievers and time management during PTE Academic test. If you are targeting 79 plus in PTE test, these PTE secrets by our achievers and Pearson test secrets can be game changers. Our PTE experts will teach you untold Pearson test secrets for ensuring your success.
Thank you so much Sir.
Credit goes to you. Your continuous encouragement and guidance played the key role. Additionally, there is enough practice material in your Classwork section as well to support an individual." Harish Singh, who secured 100% in PTE Test under the guidance of our senior Globally recognized PTE Trainer Pravin Sir.

Prashant Pradip Patil
Today morning only.
I got my score for PTE and it proved that with proper guidance and support nothing is impossible. From very bottom of my heart I would like to Thanks Pravin Sir.
A few tips for those appearing
1. Content given in Sir, today morning only I got my score for PTE and it proved that with proper guidance and support nothing is impossible. From very bottom of my heart I would like to Thank you.

Top Secrets to Score 90/90 in PTE Academic Writing test.

Here is the PTE test syllabus covering Speaking & Writing syllabus, Reading and Listening syllabus SPEAKING & WRITING This section includes the test of two skills, which are the student's speaking and writing abilities in the English language. The section is divided into five question types, and the time taken to complete this segment is usually between 77 to 93 minute long . Personal Introduction: This is not scored.
Read aloud Repeat sentence Describe image Re-tell lecture Answer short question Summarize written text and Essay writing Reading
The second section of the PTE Academic Test is the Reading Section and is usually 32 to 41 minutes long.
Its main purpose is to understand the candidate’s ability to understand written instructions and language, the reading section has five different types of questions-
Fill in the blanks Multiple choice single option questions Re-order paragraphs Fill in the blanks Multiple choice multiple option questions (This question type has negative marking) Listening
The final section of PTE is the Listening section. Spread over 45 to 57 minutes, the section aims to test the ability of the candidate to understand spoken English of native English speakers.
The stress is on the skill of the student to retain the audio file played and interpreting it properly. The listening section has eight different types of questions: Summarize spoken text Multiple choice single option questions Fill the blanks Highlight the correct summary Multiple choice multiple options questions (This question type carries negative marking) Select missing word Highlight incorrect words (This question type carries negative marking) Write from dictation ***It is crucial to understand integrated skill assessment concept used in PTE Academic test.*** For PTE training in Indore for Australian PR, contact us.

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Live interactive online session vs. Recorded Video Classes

Why live interaction with trainers on a regular basis is superior and more effective than video based passive training?
1. You can get your doubts cleared.
2. You are motivated throughout the course.
3. You can get prompt feedback on your writing and speaking performance.
4. Many professionals are so busy that the practise in sessions is what they can do. For them, live interactive sessions provide complete practice.
5. Teachers can explain you the concepts in more detail.
6. It is the way you have learnt in most part of your schooling and college life.
7. You can do practice in a methodical manner.
8. Apart from that we provide you free access to video lectures and mock tests.
9. We have the best results in the industry.
10. You will be taking the first step towards your success by enrolling our course.
* Last but not least, we provide you overall assessment of your Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening tests.

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Top 5 PTE tips to score 79+ in PTE Listening test article

Top 5 PTE Secrets to score 79+ in PTE Listening test: Task : PTE lesson on Highlight correct summary by our PTE experts Our PTE experts I have analysed the difficulties our online PTE training students from UAE, India , Singapore and Malaysia generally face in PTE Listening test. One such critical area is Highlight correct summary. After critically analysing the issue, our PTE experts have devised some strategies. These strategies helped our online PTE training students from UAE, India, Singapore and Malaysia. These strategies are elaborated here to help you score 79 plus. 1. In PTE highlight correct summary Listening task, you will get ten seconds to scan the options before the recording begins. Just go through 1 or 2 options at this stage to get the overview. 2. As you listen to the recording,pay attention to specific conditions. Note down some key terms only. 3. Focus on understanding the overall meaning. 4. After listening to the recording,eliminate the options which have conditions or incorrect information which are not in the recording. 5. This question affects your Listening and Reading score. Do not spend more than 60 seconds per question. Here is one example that is done for you. Question: PTE Listening mock test:Highlight correct summary 1 A. Baleen whales evolved from land based mammals that are now extinct. Whales are now among endangered species that need to be protected. B.Whales appear to have evolved from land based hoofed mammalians that had limbs adapted both to land and water. Some whales have become extinct and some others will do so unless we protect them. C.Some whales became extinct 50 million years ago, others might if we don't protect them. D.Fossil remains point to land based ancestry of whales. Most whale species have since become extinct. Some others have been listed as endangered but are still unprotected. Analysis of PTE listening test by PTE experts: If you study these four options, you will note that Whales are now an endangered species (If the recording says that some species of Baleen whales or whales are endangered, this option can be eliminated. Option B is more specific and talks about evolution of whales and some species of whales are endangered. This is likely to be the correct answer if the recording mentions these items); option C is very generalized . Option D says most whales are extinct which is again a generalization. This is how you analyse the options and eliminate them. For more tips by our PTE experts, please keep visiting our website. Admissions for PTE online training are now going on for students from UAE, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, UK, Canada and NZ.

Our PTE achievers tips and experience shared

I followed all the strategies and templates provided in class.
One question on fill in the blanks (Related to snakes) was repeated from the material.
Daily practice is the key
Pravin Sir's daily practice session on individual modules were very helpful.
My read aloud section was bit tough as I had quite a few complex words to pronounce.
Timing is really important for reading section.
Fill in the blanks was first question in reading.
Preparation material provided in the class and mock tests are more than enough to get good score in PTE test.