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PTE Training

  • 16+ years of experience

Mr. Pravin Salkade is India’s most trusted and popular senior Pearson PTE Academic trainer who has been offering online and class room training to students from all over the World for PTE Academic test. He has 16+ years experience in this field. Under his guidance many students have scored excellent scores in Writing, Speaking, Reading and Listening modules.

Training Description He has taught students from USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, Italy, Switzerland, Mauritius, South Korea, China and India. He has been a committed teacher who has helped many students achieve their target score in various international English tests.He has devised a system by which students can overcome their problems and succeed in Pearson PTE Academic test with flying colours. His feedback on assignments is prompt and enlightening. He offers valuable insights on vocabulary and grammar to students as well. He has the capability to turn the strugglers into winners. His methodical approach in simplifying various areas of the test is appreciated by one and all. You can read the testimonials section wherein our PTE Academic achievers have given feedback on his teaching and shared their success stories. With such a vast experience, he will be training you for PTE Academic. The training will focus on key skill set development for PTE Academic tests and help you improve your skill to the desired level. Ample exercises will be provided to you to help you improve your skills.

PTE Listening Tips


6 Practical strategies to score high in PTE Listening
1. The task will give you ten seconds to scan the options. Just go through 1 or 2 options at this stage to get the overview.
2. Pay attention to specific conditions. Note down some key terms only.
3. Focus on understanding the overall meaning.
4. Eliminate the options which have conditions or incorrect information which are not in the recording.
5. This question affects your Listening and Reading score.
6. Do not spend more than 60 seconds per question.


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PTE Academic Reading Test Sample Paper