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Mr. Pravin Salkade is India’s most trusted and popular senior Pearson PTE Academic trainer who has been offering online and class room training to students from all over the World for PTE Academic test. He has 15+ years experience in this field. Under his guidance many students have scored excellent scores in Writing, Speaking, Reading and Listening modules. He has taught students from USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, Italy, Switzerland, Mauritius, South Korea, China and India. He has been a committed teacher who has helped many students achieve their target score in various international English tests.He has devised a system by which students can overcome their problems and succeed in Pearson PTE Academic test with flying colours. His feedback on assignments is prompt and enlightening. He offers valuable insights on vocabulary and grammar to students as well. He has the capability to turn the strugglers into winners. His methodical approach in simplifying various areas of the test is appreciated by one and all. You can read the testimonials section wherein our PTE Academic achievers have given feedback on his teaching and shared their success stories.

Call +91-9229867353 to have the direct interaction. With such a vast experience, he will be training you for PTE Academic. The training will focus on key skill set development for PTE Academic tests and help you improve your skill to the desired level. Ample exercises will be provided to you to help you improve your skills.


Pearson PTE Academic Reading Test Sample Paper

Read the text and answer the multiple-choice question by selecting the correct response. Only one response is correct.

1. A story is told that around 400 years ago some children were fooling around in an eye glass shop. They noticed that when they placed lenses one on top of the other, they were able to see a considerable distance. They played around with the concept for a while, experimenting with what happened when they varied the distance between the lenses. Hans Lippershey, the Dutch lens maker the invention of the first telescope who eventually applied for the first telescope patent, credits children as having been his motivation for the invention of the first telescope.

According to the writer, the first telescope was

A invented by children.

B made by a lens maker.

C a reflective telescope.

D quite a complex piece of equipment.


The first telescopes built in the early 1600's were very primitive inventions allowing the user to see around 3-times further than the naked eye. It was not too long however, until Italian astronomer Galileo heard about the invention ‘that through use of correctly-positioned lenses, allowed people to see things a long way away’.The tools used in the manufacturing of the first refracting telescope was all Galileo needed to know and within 24 hours he had developed a better one. In fact, the process of improvements Galileo made on Lippershey’s telescope were quite dramatic. Whereas the original version had a magnification of 3, the new telescope had a magnification of around 30. Galileo achieved these extraordinary results by figuring out the combination of the positions of the lenses & also by making his own lenses which were of better quality. Although he originally thought they were.

The writer states that Galileo

A improved on the design of the first telescope.

B created the first reflective telescope.

C took 24 hours to make a reflective telescope.

D allowed people to see 3 times further than the first telescope.

Read the text and answer the question by selecting all the correct responses.You will

need to select more than one response.


The intense rate of change in the world gives rise to numerous new products - many of them electronic. What is brand new and state-of-the-art one month is quickly relegated to ‘old model’status the next. Within the world of computing, this frenetic pace of change has led to millions of out-dated, worthless products. Keystone, an American-based research company reported, ‘In 2005, one computer became obsolete for every new one introduced in the market. By the year 2010, experts estimate that in the USA there will be over 500 million obsolete computers. Most of these computers will be destined for landfills, incinerators or hazardous waste exports.’ Old, outdated keyboards, monitors and hard drives all combine to produce what is now widely known as ‘e-waste’ and the way to appropriately dispose of them is proving to be a challenge.

Most computers are a complicated assembly of hundreds of different materials, many of which are highly toxic. Most computer users are unaware that these toxic metals, acids, plastics and other substances have been shown to be the cause of various blood diseases and cancers. Amongst workers involved in the recycling of computer products, there has been a proliferation of blood diseases. Printed circuit boards for example, contain heavy metals such as antimony, silver, chromium, zinc, lead, tin and copper. Environmentalist Kieran Shaw estimates there is hardly any other product for which the sum of the environmental impacts of raw material, extraction, industrial refining and production, use and disposal is so extensive as for printed circuit boards.

Which statements are true based on the information given in the passage:

1.These days products do not get outdated soon.

2.These days products get obsolete in a short period.

3.There are many ways e waste is disposed off today.

4.Recycling of computers does not pose any health hazard to workers.

5.Incineration is a superior method of e-waste disposal than landfills.


Bicycling for Recycling

Dear Environmentally-Conscious Friend,

After the remarkable achievements of last year, we have again organised a Bicycle Rally to promote the recycling of resources and usage of recycled goods for the protection of our environment. Unlike last year, this year, the rally will start in Werribee and will cover a slightly shorter 45-kilometer route. The reduction in distance is due to the new area being quite hilly!

This year we have set ourselves the goal of raising £50,000 for our worthy cause.

To help us do this, we have invited sponsorship from 20 large, commercial companies. If you would like to suggest a sponsor that we might not have considered, please contact us– there is no minimum donation amount. The funds raised will be used to launch our Recycled Resources, Recycled Goods countrywide awareness program in the coming months. We have also contacted numerous social organisations who will help us to best Channel 2 has agreed to be our media partner and will telecast the entire rally.

Don’t miss your chance to be on national TV!

You are also invited to attend a post-rally press conference at the National Press Auditorium.

Contact G. Jaisin on 0425 652 254 for more details.

Safety measures:

The route has five designated checkpoints – Werribee, Mentone, Parade Ground, William Port and Beacon Park. The first half of the route from Werribee to the Parade Ground passes through Bush Park and continues along the Eastern Coast. This section is quite isolated so we will establish emergency stops and drink booths with greater frequency.

Each booth staff member will be issued with communication equipment to report any emergency situation from all remote areas. All emergency assistance, including paramedics, will be on standby.

Which conclusions can be drawn from the given information:

1 Last year’s bike rally was a great success.

2 Compared to last year’s route, this year’s is longer.

3 Larger donations are expected from commercial companies.

4 Individual sponsors can donate any amount.

5 Participants are invited to attend a press conference before the date of the rally.

6 Emergency support will NOT be available in isolated areas.

The text boxes in the left panal have been placed in the random order.Restore the original order by dragging the text boxes from the left panel to the right panel.


A. In a matter of seconds, the tsunami waves wiped out the long years of struggle for

development. B.

B. The damage from this extraordinary disaster was estimated to be in the vicinity of US$13 billion - the equivalent to the combined GDP of the world’s developing countries for an entire year.

C. Thus the world was once again reminded of the fearsome and destructive power of natural disasters.

D. On December 26, 2004, a massive earthquake centered off the coast of the Indonesian Island of Sumatra caused a series of deadly tsunamis in the Indian Ocean.


A. However, platypus populations are believed to have declined or disappeared in many catchments, particularly in urban and agricultural landscapes.

B. As a species, it is not currently considered to be endangered.

C. In Australia, the platypus is officially classified as ‘Common but Vulnerable’

D. In most cases, the specific underlying reasons for the reduction in numbers remain unknown.

In the text below some words are missing .Drag words from the box below to the

appropriate place in the text.To undo an answer choice drag the word back to the

box below the text.


Male and Female Platypus

Platypus are unique Australian animals. Although all platypus share many similarities, the male and female are somewhat ------- from each other. For example, on the hind feet, the male has a ...............spur while the young female has two................ . In the ................... the mother keeps her eggs warm and, once born, supplies her young with ................... . On the other hand, the male platypus does not help raise the young at all.

milk different moveable buds similar underground nest despite


The study ----- that bus drivers were asleep for as much as 25% of the time they were ---- the bus. What the drivers were having was a ----- of ‘micro-sleeps’ – short periods of time of 10 to 20 seconds where they would be ----- as being asleep.. Show reveals drive driving classify classified series serial


The assertion that water has always been the --- of life is nothing new. Water comes in

Many------- spring water, sea and river water, rainwater, and fog and dew water. ---- water is becoming ----- and this scarcity is becoming a very real---- for governments all around the world.

Form forms scarce essence happiness worry Yet


Unfortunately, due to its need for a----- of several factors, fog is not readily ---- Dew however appears far more ------ and is less subject to the constraints of climate and geography. ----- for dew to form there--- to be some humidity in the air and a reasonably clear sky.

Available Combination combine frequently In order needs needed

Below is a text with blanks. Click on each blank, a list of choices will appear. Select the appropriate choice for each blank.


Certified Nurse Assistants are often the principal -------- (care giving/care

givers/caring/careful) in nursing homes, assisting

with the activities of daily living. This may include, but is not ------(limiting to ,limited to,limit,restricted) helping people in and out of bed, assisting with eating, bathing and dressing, as well as administering medications when requested to do so. As the relationship ------

( develops/developing/development/develop) between the residents

and their caregivers, Nurse Assistants often find that providing emotional support becomes another important------ ( worry/worried/aspect/aspects) of their occupation.

Because hospitals and nursing homes must provide 24-hour care, Nurse Assistants ------ (employ/employing/employer/employed) in these institutions can often be required to work evenings, nights, weekends, holidays and must be available for shift work.


Practicing the ------- (evacuate/evacuated/evacuation/is evacuated) of a hazardous area in a fast and ------- (orderly/order/ordered/time)manner can be the key to surviving a fire emergency and regular fire drills are a way of accomplishing this.

It is----- (recommend/recommend in/recommended/not recommend) that every member of staff is involved in the exercise. If this is not possible, ------- (at the most/at least/more/less) half the personnel in each department should be present.

During the fire drill the supervisors should note in the incidents register inappropriate activity such as delays in the collection of personal items, -------

( happiness/difficult/difficulties/most difficult) experienced by those with disabilities. If any doorways or fire escapes are obstructed this must also be noted.

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English skills to earn additional visa points for your Australian work visa.


The minimum DIPB requirement for language proficiency is PTE Academic 50 for general skilled migration. The reward for reaching a proficient English level (PTE Academic 65 or equivalent) is 10 points towards your general skilled migration visa application. If you can show superior English (PTE Academic 79 or equivalent) then you receive 20 points towards your application. For applicants who haven’t scored highly on work experience or qualifications this can make a crucial difference to the chances of getting a visa.

You can achieve these additional points as either a native or non-native English speaker. Consequently, being able to exhibit English language competence has become a critical part of the visa application process.

IELTS has long been the only test approved by the Australian government for visa applicants for both work and study. Since November 2014, in an effort to make it more convenient for applicants, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has approved a number of additional tests that can be used as proof of English language skills, including Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic).

As the test takers head into the Pearson Professional Test Centre for their session, the apprehension is palpable. They know that the test is key to a successful application and the new opportunities an Australian skilled migration visa will generate. They know that their new skills will also give them the “real life” English they need to get life down under off to a great start.

PTE Test Centre's in India.

RegionTest CentreAddressZip Code
AhmedabadA1 Professional Assessment Center118, 1st floor,Satyam Mall, Near Kameshwar School,380015
AhmedabadTake Off Academy1st floor, House Number  6B, Hindu Colony, Behind Indane Gas agency,380009
AmritsarChandigarh School of LanguageShop no.4, Near Daily Needs Store, Above Fashion Zone, Putlighar143001
BangalorePearson Professional Centers-Bangalore# 45, 3rd Floor,Trade Center, Dickenson Road560042
BangaloreThe Chopras (Bangalore)C Wing Ground Floor, Mittal Towers, M.G Road560001
ChandigarhTarget ConsultancySCO 137-138, First Floor, Sector 8-C, Madhya marg160009
ChandigarhKangaroo Studies Pvt. Ltd.S.C.O 497-498 Second Floor, Sector- 35C160035
ChandigarhJetking – ChandigarhMagnum Business Centre, SCO -100-101, Basement,160022
ChennaiPearson Professional Centers-Chennai6th Floor, Nelson Chambers, E, Block, 115, Nelson Manickam Road,600029
ChennaiEdwise Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (Chennai)1st Floor, Pioneer Sudarshan Plaza, Above Pizza corner,600034
CochinSanta Monica Study Abroad Pvt Ltd3rd Floor, Bio-Arcade Building, Layam Road682011
Cochin, KochiRajagiri College Of Social SciencesRajagiri  School of Management, Rajagiri Valley P.O682039
CoimbatoreEdwise Consultants Pvt. Ltd. – Coimbatore2nd Floor, Ashirwadh Tower, D. B. Road, R. S. Puram641002
Delhi  / New DelhiPearson Professional Centers-New Delhi,4th Floor, Building No.18, Ramnath House, Yusuf Sarai Community Centre,110049
HyderabadStorm Group3rd floor, Jasti Towers, Above Karur Vysya Bank500038
Hyderabad, TelanganaPearson Professional Centers-Hyderabad1-10-72/A/.2, Pochampalli House, 3rd floor, (Above Nike Show room)500016
JaipurSakar Edutech Pvt. Ltd.Office No- 404, Shyam Anukampa, O-11, Ashok Marg, C-Scheme302001
Jalandhar, PunjabTouchstoneNo. 739 Mota Singh Nagar, Garha Road144001
KolkataAgile Technologies And Solutions1, Iswar Ganguli Street, VASUDEVA BUILDING; Top Floor700026
LucknowUPTEC Computer Consultancy Ltd2nd Floor, Lekhraj Gold, Near Munsi Pulia, Indira Nagar.226016
LudhianaCanam Consultants LtdS.C.O. 16, First Floor, I-Block Market, opp. Nav Durga Mandir141001
MumbaiEdwise Consultants Pvt.Ltd.2, Sethna Building, 1st Floor, 216 Princess Street,400002
New DelhiThe Chopras (Delhi)A-9, 3rd Floor, Opp.City Square Mall, Near Metro Station , Opp. Raymond’s110027
New DelhiGlobal OpportunitiesHS 27, Second Floor, Kailash Colony Market110048
PatialaSophiya InstituteSCO 3, 1st Floor, Leela Bhawan Chowk, Patiala147001
PuneEdwise Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (Pune)2nd Floor, Mayur Center, Opposite Roopali Hotel40002
RajkotTrans GlobeTrans Globe House, Opp. Kings Land Towers360005
SuratLondon Test and Training Centre#92, 1st Floor, Radhe Nagar Society, Opp. Sargam Shopping Complex395007
Vijayawada, Andhra PradeshSTORM GROUP – Vijayawada40-5-10A, 2nd Floor, Above Spice Inn520010