FAQs  about Pearson PTE Academic Test

1. Is PTE Academic acceptable for Australian immigration or visa?
Ans. Yes.

2. How can we register for PTE Academic test?
Ans. Visit http://pearsonpte.com/book/ and create your login id.

3. How the online training is conducted?
Ans. Through  GotoMeeting/Skype in an interactive manner.

4. Who is the faculty?
Ans. Mr. Pravin Salkade is a senior IELTS trainer who has been offering online and class room IELTS training to students from all over the world for IELTS (Academic and General Training ) test. He has 14+ years experience in this field. Under his guidance many students have scored 9 band score (100% score) in Writing, Speaking, Reading and Listening modules. He has taught students from USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, Italy, Switzerland, Mauritius, South Korea, China and India.
He has been a committed teacher who has helped many students achieve their target score in IELTS test. He has devised a system by which students can overcome their problems and succeed in IELTS test with flying colours. His feedback on assignments is prompt and enlightening. He offers valuable insights on vocabulary and grammar to students as well. He has the capability to turn the strugglers into winners. His methodical approach in simplifying various areas of the test is appreciated by one and all.

5. Is the PTE academic training available to students in Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide) India (Mumbai, New Delhi, Amritsar, Jalandhar, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara) Bhopal, Indore etc), Saudi Arabia and Singapore etc.
Ans. Yes

6. Are the timings flexible?
Ans. Yes.

7. Is the foundation course available for students weak in English?
Ans. Yes

8. What PTE Academic score is equivalent to ielts 7 band score?
Ans. 65

9. What is the total duration of PTE Academic test?
Ans. 3 hours

10. Is it a computer based test?
Ans. Yes

11. Is there any negative marking in PTE test?
Ans: In 3 question types of PTE Academic, negative marking is there?

12. What is the duration of online PTE Academic course?
Ans. 1 month

13. What is the test fee of PTE Academic?
Ans. Visit http://pearsonpte.com/book

14. Can we book the PTE academic test at the eleventh hour?
Ans. Yes, you can. But there is extra charge.

15. How soon the PTE Academic results published?
Ans. Generally in 3-5 days.

16. What are the unique feaures of your online PTE Academic training?
Ans. The unique features of our online PTE Academic course are:
Guidance from the senior ESL trainer with 15 years experience, ample practice material, updated course ware, result oriented training, best past performance, timely feedback.
Experience of training the students globally, customized training, availability of full time faculties, doubt solving, our own resource laboratory to help you practice more flexible timings and Internationally known and acclaimed training, reasonable fees, English foundation course availability.

17. What is PTE Academic Test Format?
Ans. PTE Academic tests your listening, reading, speaking and writing skills via computer in a single 3 hour test session.

This Computer Based Test Format is like:

PART 1: SPEAKING & WRITING (77 – 93 minutes)
Personal Introduction
Read aloud
Repeat sentence
Describe image
Re-tell lecture
Answer short question
Summarize written text (one sentence)
Summarize written text (paragraph)
Essay (20mins)
PART 2: READING (32 – 41 minutes)

Multiple choice questions (x2)
Re-order paragraphs
Fill in the blanks (x2)
A ten minute break is optional

PART 3: LISTENING (45 – 57 minutes)

Summarize spoken text
Multiple choice x2
Fill the blanks
Highlight the correct summary
Select missing word
Highlight incorrect words
Write from dictation

IS PTE better than IELTS?

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a standardized Test jointly conducted by British Council, Cambridge English Language Assessment and IDP Education. The test was established in1989 to test and certify the proficiency of the non-native English speakers.

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) was launched by Pearson in 2009 and thus is one of the latest entrants into the field of testing and certifying English language proficiency of non-native English speakers. The QCA and administered in association with Edexcel, UK’s largest examining body, accredits the PTE.

IELTS and TOEFL are similar in many aspects, although there are several distinct features unique to each of them. One has to analyze strengths and weakness and choose between the two tests with the motive of getting a better score.

IELTS is a very popular English language proficiency test accepted by European, Australian and now even by most of the American universities too. The PTE test by Pearson is also getting wide recognition in universities across all regions and its test takers are also increasing in number.

Test Versions

Both IELTS and PTE have two common versions: Academic and General Training and PTE has one additional version viz. Young Learners Test.

The Academic versions are meant for students planning for an admission into a university, whereas for non-academic purposes, the General versions of IELTS and PTE certify one’s realistic communication skills. The Young Learner test of PTE measures the English language communication abilities of children.

Test Content and Structure

IELTS and PTE have similar test sections of Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. However, there are certain unique features in content pattern which differentiates apart from each other.

An IELTS examiner evaluates the speaking abilities of the candidates by making live conversation, which indeed is recorded in some recording device. But in PTE, there is no live conversation and candidate has to speak to a microphone for getting recorded in a computerized system. A computer program than evaluates the speaking and rates the test taker. The IELTS being completely paper based uses diagram, graph or chart for the writing section. On the other hand, PTE is totally computer based and thus uses many innovative techniques to test writing capabilities of the candidate.

IELTS has set time for each paper, and candidates can move forwards and backwards whereas PTE has section timings and can move forward only.

Scoring Pattern and Results

PTE is based on complete automated scoring and grades a test taker in the band of 10-90. A 0-9 band is used in the manual scoring pattern of IELTS.

The IELTS Test Report Form is posted in 13 calendar days after the test. The PTE Academic scores are available online within five business days.

Test Location and Dates

Every year IELTS Academic is conducted in 48 pre-fixed dates at more than 900 centers spread over 130 countries. The IELTS General is available on 24 fixed days of an year. PTE Academic test centers located in over 50 countries worldwide and can be taken on any date of the year, subject to availability of seats in the desired centre. In India there PTE test centers in over 15+ cities.

Other FAQs

Why should you join us for Pearson PTE Academic?

The most important part in Pearson PTE Academic test is feedback on your performance, where you need to improve in pronunciation, intonation, vocabulary, describing things and/or grammar? Proper feedback can set you on the path of success. Who else could be better to help in this other than India’s most trusted senior PTE Academic trainer who has helped students in India, Australia, UK, Singapore and other countries accomplish their target PTE Academic score of 65 plus or 79 plus. More

We have an excellent track record in Pearson PTE Academic, ESL and IELTS training and We have already started the online interactive Classes and Classroom training batches for Pearson PTE Academic, admissions are open.

Facilities You Get

We have the English language laboratory where we carry out the research and content development activities. This helps you to get the latest and best material for Pearson PTE Academic practice. We have a big data collection of case studies of our previous batches and their achievers, that is priceless. Practising with 16-year experienced trainer makes a big difference.
What is more, the fee is quite affordable.
We exhaustively cover all the four modules: Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening in detail. Our experience of 16 years in ESL teaching and couple of years experience in online training can ensure that you accomplish your desired score. Those who are weak in English, foundation course is also available for them, both online and classroom. Ample practice is necessary for success in any exam, and we provide you numerous practice tasks for PTE academic which mean’s you are well prepared for the PTE Academic test. Also, our track record of training can assure you the best in PTE Academic training.
We also offer you flexible timings. If you want to take a positive step towards success in Pearson PTE.

Pl.tell us about your online English smart classes?

English learning Classes for professionals and students

At High Profile students get English training classes designed as per the standard of CEFR (Common European Framework of reference for Languages) One of the best parameter famous in European Countries.

PTE Academic now accepted by 100% of New Zealand Universities

International students can now use PTE Academic scores as proof of their English proficiency when enrolling at all universities in New Zealand. This gives them even greater choice and flexibility when applying to study in New Zealand as PTE Academic allows them to choose the timing of the test, and to receive their test results typically within five working days.

Further the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) also accepts PTE Academic as evidence of English language ability for international students applying to study at Private Training Establishments (PTEs) and Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPs). A NZQA approved test result is a requirement for students from a range of countries including India, Nepal and the Philippines.

Outside New Zealand PTE Academic is recognised 100% of Australian universities and many top 100 ranked institutions including Harvard University, Dartmouth University, University of Melbourne, Australian National University and the University of Sydney. It is also recognised by the Australian Government for all visa applications and by an increasing number of professional bodies and employers.

For a full listing of institutions that accept PTE Academic visit: www.pearsonpte.com/accepts