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Why should you join Classroom or online Spoken English training offered by High Profile SGC (Spoken English classes), Indore?
Developing English proficiency is a practical skill which can only be mastered by developing understanding and practicing fluency, coherence, intonation, right pronunciation, vocabulary and Grammatical accuracy. You may be an Engineer, Doctor, Professional, Homemaker or a Student, but do you have the confidence in Public Speaking? Do you become self-conscious while speaking English? Are you losing good career opportunities due to lack of English proficiency? If these are the areas of improvement for you, our classroom or online Spoken English course can serve you purpose.

We offer customized or tailor-made solutions in fully AC Classroom to fulfill your needs of better command over the English language and make you feel homely. Learning English is not just about grammar or cramming some words or copying some accents, but the right combination of various factors outlined above.

We have a limited class size of 12 students per batch in case of class room training, while 1:1 Skype ( it can be availed by students in India, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, the UK, the USA, Italy, France, Germany, New Zealand, Japan, Mauritius, Canada, Ireland and rest of the world) or on phone training is available to students in India in which our Spoken English tutor contact you on your landline or Mobile phone. Thus, we offer you customized solutions using the latest technology and as you get personal attention your success in assured.

If you are planning to attend the job interview, visa interview, parent- teacher meeting, visiting abroad or participating in Group Discussions, our flexible and variety of courses would definitely answer your needs. With our 15 plus years experience in ESL training, international Secure English Language Tests and visa counseling, you can be sure of your success.

English for Business

It is irrefutable that English is now the global language of business. In order to facilitate communication and business deals across geographically diverse functions and teams, many multinational companies expect their existing and prospective employees to be well versed with this corporate language. No one can deny the importance of English for Business.

Adopting a common International language isn’t just a good idea, it’s a need of the hour. Companies might not hire an employee if he or she is not good at English as the lack of the ability to communicate in English might not be good for the growth and expansion of the business. Even the conservative conglomerates are not averse to mandate English as their corporate or official language. What this simply means is that, those who develop good command over this language will enjoy unfair advantage over those professionals who do not.

Companies which aggressively seek globally competitive professionals would not only prefer hiring the people with good proficiency in English but also would probably put them on the fast track career. It should be the wake-up call for all those who haven’t taken steps to improve their English Proficiency.

But how do you get the training to sharpen your English skills in a geographically diverse world. Here, we at E-Learning Solutions offer you the opportunity to avail online English training through Skype, Google hangout/ Yahoo Messanger and Video/Audio Chat supporting mobile devices no matter in which part of the world you are, irrespective of the time zone.

If you want to be competitive in the Global marketplace or if you want to migrate to English Speaking countries, study abroad or strike a global deal, our course can equip you with the required linguistic skills.

Flexibility and affordability are other key prime movers for professionals to join our courses. Another vital aspect is results. If you read our testimonials, you would come across innumerable success stories of our students across the globe. You could be next.
We help you brush up your grammar, polish and strengthen your vocabulary, improve pronunciation and fluency. Thus, you get the complete package.
We assure you of our best support. Your success is our reward.

Summer English Classes

Firstly, there is no substitute of direct interaction with the experienced and competent trainers who have note worthy track record of accomplishments. Secondly, for concept building, we provide you 24×7 access to our smart class room wherein you will have access to tutorials by Pravin Sir and ample mock tests, grammar and vocabulary help. Last but not least, you will have real time feedback on your performance. Combination of all these factors leads to excellent PTE scores and English proficiency. You can get benefit of above mentioned course that we have started admissions are going on.


Different Courses at IELTS IndoreLearn English Online
English improvement for Professionals and Housewives
Online English as second language (ESL) classes for abroad students
English and PD classes for study abroad aspirants
Online English for business professionals

Our Methodology of teaching English

High Profile SGC which is an IELTS- International English Language Testing System: training and registration center in Indore, M.P. (India) gives you an edge over others by teaching you how to effectively present your thoughts and ideas in a clear, concise and convincing manner. We are professionals in the field of “Spoken English training and personality development” with result-oriented programs full of real-life practice sessions, allowing participants to take the maximum benefit in minimum time by Joining various courses such as: Learn English Online, Online English improvement for Professionals and Housewives, Online English (ESL) classes for abroad students, English and personality improvement classes, English for study abroad and Online English for business professionals. Enrolling these courses at High Profile SGC is a great new way to learn spoken English in Indore and online. Instead of spending hours reading and writing, students have the opportunity to engage in challenging and fun speaking and listening activities. On this course, students learn how to think in English. “The English course” objectives are very simple: Every student talking in English Every student listening to and understanding English Every student thinking in English and every student taking part in class. The course is structured so that every student can practice and improve English grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, intonation, word and sentence stress, and Personality Development Topics: interpersonal skills, by working in pairs, groups and one-on-one with the teacher. We have a unique language laboratory where in a research and development is carried out to improvise the learning inputs provided to the students.You can also add style to your speaking by learning American English accent. High Profile SGC students have made their career in Multinational companies and many of them have been studying and working in UK, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Dubai etc.. Who had enrolled for our courses: Online English (ESL) classes for abroad students, Learn English Online, Online English improvement for Professionals and Housewives, English and personality improvement classes, English for study abroad and Online English for business professionals which exemplifies the success and effectiveness of these courses.

Spoken English (ESL) and Personality Development Course/coaching/classes covers:
Interview Preparation 2. Emotional intelligence 3. Time Management 4. Memory improvement 5. Body Language 6. Letter drafting 7. The importance of positive attitude 8. Social Prominence 9. Resume Writing 10. Change Management 11. Effectiveness 12. Leadership Skills 13. Group Discussions 14. Public Speaking.
FAQ’s Online English:


How are High Profile SGC’s online and class room Spoken English(ESL) and Personality Development course: Learn English Online, Online English improvement for Professionals and Housewives, Online English (ESL) classes for abroad students, English and personality improvement classes, English for study abroad and Online English for business professionals different?
Ans: They offer fast results in 2 to 3 months as they are practical courses. We focus on skill development apart from imparting knowledge.Individual attention and feedback are very important features of this courses. You get an advantage of our English language laboratory and research. We help you identify your personality type, strengths, weaknesses etc. We give you tips on body language, campus interview preparation, job interview, resume tips, time management, life skills, better memory techniques, confidence building, public speaking etc in our Spoken English and Personality development classes and courses in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. You can also learn proper pronunciation and some techniques to learn American English accent from the native English speaker. You will also receive an attractive certificate on completion of the course which may prove useful in your career.


What do you cover in English and personality improvement classes at High Profile SGC, Indore( India)?


Personality Development includes confidence building, emotional intelligence, Interview preparation, time management, assertiveness, attitude building, money management skills, corporate skills etc. The sessions involve students’ participation.


Do you help in improving pronunciation in Learn English Online, Online English improvement for Professionals and Housewives, Online English (ESL) classes for abroad students, English and Personality improvement classes, English for study abroad and Online English for business professional courses?


Yes we do