Top PTE Tips by our 90/90 scorer : Part 2 : How I scored 90/90 in PTE Writing

  • 2018-11-12 17:44:11

Posted By Pravin Sir

Writing section
 Keep it as short as possible in “Summarize text” section. Try to keep the
summary below 40 words.The reason is that the more we write, the more we are prone
to grammatical errors. Practise until you can keep the word limit below 40.Please watch Pravin Sir’s

videos on this topic. One video link:

Essay Writing:

 For essay, just follow the template made by Pravin Sir blindly. Just use your sentences to fill
the gaps in the template, and you are done. In essay also try to keep the
word count below 250.

Final advice:

 Most important thing to do in this section is to maintain enough time for
revising what you have written. Unknowingly we may make simple
spelling mistakes and punctuation errors. Revise at least 2 times before
you submit your answer in writing section.