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Involvement of youth in crimes in increasing at an alarming rate.Throw some light on the causes and possible solutions?

Today involvement of youth in crimes is increasing which is a matter of grave concern as it affects people and society socially and economically.I shall outline underlying causes and suggest some ways to mitigate the problem of increasing youth crime rate.

One of the most prominent cause of increase in youth crime rates is unemployment rate which is due to increasing inflation rate and illiteracy. This makes youth to find alternate ways to support life and family which has a damaging effect on the society. As an alternate way youths get involved in selling of drugs and thefts to earn daily living.Another vital reason to ponder upon is that in today’s modern technology world the incentives attached in crimes are highly rewarding. These incentives lure many youths to take a chance in a scam or a robbery.

It is essential to work out a practicable solution in order to address the issue effectively.One of the ways this can be done is that government can pay unemployment benefits and employ government agencies to find appropriate jobs for the unemployed youths.Government can organize various skills development camps and training centers to help youth acquire necessary skills.
Another way could be that the government make stringent laws on crimes like theft and drugs to completely avoid or reduce the number of crimes in the society.

Thus the severity of youth crime should not be underestimated and various timely measures can go a long way in mitigating the problem.

Author: Pravin Sir

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