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Improve your PTE Scores from 50 to 85 in 1 Month, PTE for Australia/ Canada, How to score 79 plus in Pearson PTE Academic?

Good news is that PTE Academic has been acceptable for Australian immigration, all SPP Colleges in Canada and now has been recognized from Irish Universities also. Maximise your chances of success in PTE Academic with our interactive and customized online Skype training ( which would help you understand the basics of PTE test, appropriate strategies to crack the test and ample practice exercises.

Our Students have improved their score from 50 to 85 within a month. Our training method is result oriented and already students from Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide) India (Mumbai, New Delhi, Amritsar, Jalandhar, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara) Bhopal, Indore etc), Saudi Arabia and Singapore are getting benefited from the training offered by India’s most trusted senior PTE Academic trainer. What is more, foundation course is also available for students whose English is weak. Avail the training at the fraction of the huge fee you will have to shell out in Australia or elsewhere. We share with you powerful vocabulary, mock tests and feedback to help you succeed in PTE Academic test.

Our designed PTE Academic test training helps you understand the requirements of the test and the logical approach to score higher. It has been our observation and experience that many good students are unable to score as per their potential when they prepare for the test just by referring to some reference material. However, when they get proper guidance from the expert senior trainers, they are able to accomplish great academic heights and score higher. It vindicates our stand if you read the testimonials of our PTE Academic achievers. There are many more success stories. We assure you that you will get the complete support including ample exercises to practice, grammar and vocabulary support so that you can succeed and fulfill your immigration or Academic course requirement. We have offered online PTE Academic training to students in various countries and they have succeeded in accomplishing their targets. Next success story can be yours. 

Essay Writing Tips/Guidance for  PTE Academic

It is vital to understand  some key factors while  writing the essays for PTE Academic test.
One of the crucial factors is the type of essay. 
Is it the  opinion essay or a Problem  Solution type essay?
Do we  have to cover one side of the  argument or both.
In our online PTE Academic sessions  we teach you how to identify these types. Another important  factor which merits consideration is the time management. Remember, with only 20 minutes to understand, analyze, type and proof read the PTE Academic essay of 200 to 300 words is challenging.
In addition, using complex  sentences and giving evidence of a range of grammatical  constructions is essential for the higher score.
Last but not least, use of good collocation and vocabulary is of paramount significance in  getting a good score in PTE  Academic test.

Do we need some kind of  format or a structure?
Yes, a  broad outline can definitely  help.
Do you know how to quickly  generate the relevant ideas  and justify them?
Our experts  can help you do that. 
What things are required in a  good introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion of  a good PTE Academic essay ?
Our tips given during the  online PTE Academic training  programme can help you write  these smoothly.
Here we are giving one essay  sample written by the student  whose estimated level is 65  plus:

Essay Format for PTE Academic Test:

It has been widely discussed in various forums whether something should be done or not --- and still consensus is not arrived at. Various well known people have vociferously expressed their opinions using various platforms of communication be it a print media or the social media----.

Important Facts about PTE Academic Test? 

For many learners, the ultimate goal in the English learning journey is to move abroad for international study or work. PTE Academic helps achieve this by offering a recognized way to prove your English skills to institutions worldwide.
PTE Academic is a secure English language test accepted by the UK and Australian governments for visa applications. It is accepted by thousands of academic programmes worldwide, including Harvard Business School, INSEAD and The University of Melbourne.
PTE Academic is scored against the Global Scale of English and provides fast results, flexible test dates and an accurate assessment of real-life English.

Why should you join us for Pearson PTE Academic?

The most important part in Pearson PTE Academic test is feedback on your performance, where you need to improve in pronunciation, intonation, vocabulary, describing things and/or grammar? Proper feedback can set you on the path of success. Who else could be better to help in this other than India’s most trusted senior PTE Academic trainer who has helped students in India, Australia, UK, Singapore and other countries accomplish their target PTE Academic score of 65 plus or 79 plus. More

We have an excellent track record in Pearson  PTE Academic, ESL and IELTS training and We have already started the online interactive Classes and Classroom training batches for Pearson PTE Academic, admissions are open.

Facilities You Get

We have the English language laboratory where we carry out the research and content development activities. This helps you to get the latest and best material for Pearson PTE Academic practice. We have a big data collection of case studies of our previous batches and their achievers, that is priceless. Practicing with 15 year experienced trainer makes a big difference. 
What is more, the fee is quite affordable.
We exhaustively cover all the four modules: Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening in detail. Our experience of 15 years in ESL teaching and couple of years experience in online training can ensure that you accomplish your desired score. Those who are weak in English, foundation course is also available for them, both online and classroom. Ample practice is necessary for success in any exam, and we provide you numerous practice tasks for PTE academic which mean's you are well prepared for the PTE Academic test. Also, our track record of training can assure you the best in PTE Academic training.
We also offer you flexible timings. If you want to take a positive step towards success in Pearson PTE.
Contact Us Here:
Mr. Pravin Salkade (Senior Trainer, Pearson PTE Academic Test/ IELTS) Email Us at: salkade@yahoo.com/ Salkade@gmail.com Contact No.: Mobile: +91 922 9867 353

Meet Our Achievers


Mr. Vihaan

Online PTE Student from Singapore

 I am Vihaan,
                          Software engineer from Singapore.   I was browsing for online guides/model questions for PTE exam, thereby came across www.pteacademic.org run by Mr. Pravin Salkade. I read the reviews showing positive and good feedback, I called Mr. Pravin immediately.  During the first discussion itself, I was inspired by the optimistic, friendly and motivational conversation and impressed by the easily affordable fees.

With no second thought, I booked for the one month online package and the classes started with the difficult sections such as Describe an image, retell a lecture etc.  During the entire learning journey, Mr. Pravin guided with useful tips and methods to tackle each sections that had directed me with positive approach to handle these difficult sections.  Likewise, he had provided ample examples/model questions until I got familiar and fluent in each section. 

Certainly we know that fear is the killer for a successful journey.  However throughout the course,  Mr. Pravin was very friendly that allowed me to clarify simple doubts to complex sections such as essay writing, reorder paragraphs and overcome the fear.  With his help, I was able to achieve 90 in speaking section.

I would like to extend my heartiest thanks and gratitude to Mr. Pravin and recommend students who are finding a roadblock in PTE, this institution is the right place for you to reach the pinnacle of success in PTE exam."

Best Regards:

Rajini Kotikalapudi

Online PTE Academic  student from Australia

Hi Pravin,
                  I am happy to inform you that I have cleared my PTE exam.
Speaking: 81
Listening: 68
Reading: 68
Writing: 68
                     Thanks a lot for your support.

Rajesh Rangaih

My PTE Academic requirement was 79 in each section. I had appeared for PTE 3 times, but could not score the required score. After getting valuable guidance from Pravin Salkade Sir,I developed the confidence and I scored minimum 81 in each section which is more than my minimum required score of 79 in each. I would recommend your course for those students who want to succeed in PTE Academic with flying colours. Thanks a ton for your support and guidance.

Deepesh Tripathi

Congratulations to Mr. Deepesh Tripathi , our class room PTE student on scoring 85 in PTE Academic Speaking test.

Varun Visen

Online PTE Student from Singapore

Hi Sir,
            There was a remarkable improvement in my score, specially for Speaking part by 17 points. Thanks a ton for your guidance and support. I shall be sharing your contact details to a few of my friends in Singapore also. Whenever I am in Indore, I shall meet you personally.

Regards:Varun Visen

Overall Score: 82.
Listening :87
Reading :82
Speaking 75
Writing :84

Surpreet Kaur

Online PTE Student from India

Hello Sir,
               Thanks a lot for your help. I have improved tremendously. In  my previous attempt, I had just 57 each in Writing and Listening, however after taking online PTE Academic training, I scored 86 and 78 in Writing and Listening respectively. I also scored 90/90 in Reading this time. I will strongly recommend your course to other PTE Aspirants. 

Overall Score: 83



Mr. Sushil Trivedi

Online PTE Academic  student from Kenya

Congrats Mr. Sushil,
                                      Our next PTE scorer who secured 70 in PTE Academic test.

Sarans Sain

Online PTE Student from India

Thank you Sir,
                        Your guidance proved valuable in accomplishing my desired score.


Sarans Sain.

Mr. Mallik

Congratulations to Mr Mallik ,
                                                       Our online PTE Academic student from Malaysia on scoring 75 in PTE Academic Test.

Miss Bhumika Yadav

Online PTE Student from Ahmedabad, India

Congratulations to Miss Bhoomika Yadav,
                                                                            on scoring 78 each in Listening and Writing, 75 in Speaking and 65 in Reading in PTE Academic Test.